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Approach to Environment

Environment Management

We consider it our corporate society responsibility not only to comply with environmental laws, but also to grasp the present situation of global environment and grapple with more positive environmental preservation activities. Having set up our environmental policy for environmental preservation based on our guideline principle of corporate activities, we are engaged in environmental preservation activities for reducing global environment load.

Environmental Policy
Basic Policy
As a company serving the energy industry, 
we aim to be an "environment-friendly company" and make efforts to preserve the environment.
Guideline Principle
  1. We strive to develop environment-friendly product that are resource-saving and recyclable.
  2. We force ourselves to effectively use energy, reduce industrial waste, and prevent pollution and contamination.
  3. We put our efforts in promoting greening here in verdant Inuyama City for coexistent with the local communities.
  4. We try hard to clarify and review our environmental object and goal, and continuously improve our system.
  5. We exert ourselves to observe the environmental regulations and voluntary control standard of the central and local governments, prepare ourselves for emergency cases and accidents, and prevent or mitigate environmental impact.
  6. We strive to provide education to our employees to enhance their awareness of environment. We also disclose the information, including our environment policy, to the public.

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