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Approach to CSR

Guideline Principle of Corporate Activities

The guideline principle of corporate activities of Energy Support Group specifically shows what we should always keep in mind and observe in the course of realizing our corporate philosophy.

Realization of Corporate Philosophy
1. Provision of products that can serve the betterment of social environment
Having a long-term global point of view and through the provision of products and services that can protect the global environment and realize the safety and security of society, we work on the creation of new values, the support of the energy industry, and the contribution to the stability and advancement of society.
By pursuing higher quality and stability, we win the confidence in us of our customers and society.
Corporate Activities That Should Be
2. Disclosure of corporate information
In order to make our management more transparent and win social confidence in Energy Support Group, we transmit precisely and timely the information that is asked by society in general, such as management information, financial information and product and service information.
3. Thorough compliance and risk management
We observe the laws, ordinances and rules of each country and region, pay regard to international arrangements, and thereby realize complete compliance.
We develop human resources to be sincere and ethical. Also, we protect our company assets and credibility and the human rights of third persons by establishing an internal control system and implementing risk management.
4. Respect of human nature, and securement of comfortable work environment
We recruit and treat human resources fairly and impartially, and provide them with working environment that is safe, comfortable, easy-to-work and balanced with family life.
We offer places and opportunities for diversified human resources to take on a challenge to support them to grow through learning knowledge and expertise.
We prevent any acts that violate human rights, such as bullying, discrimination and harassment, and take prompt corrective actions in case of violations.
5. Practice of fair, free and transparent transactions
As a good partner on an equal footing aiming at co-existence and co-prosperity with our business connections, we deal with them fairly, freely and transparently.
We also promote our efforts to fulfill our corporate society responsibility throughout our supply chain.
As a Member of Society
6. Conservation of global environment
At all bases and in all processes of business activities, we display initiative in our approach to the reduction of environmental load in order to contribute to the preservation of the global environment.
We also cooperate with local environmental preservation activities, and also actively support relevant activities of our employees.
7. Collaboration with regional society, and promotion of social contribution activities
Concerning ourselves about social problems of each country and region and aiming to be corporate citizens trusted by local residents, we put efforts in our social action program in a positive manner according to the regional needs.
8. Communication with stakeholders
Through dialogs with all stakeholders, such as our customers, business connections, shareholders, employees and local residents, we try to deepen their understanding of Energy Support Group and review our corporate activities based on comments from the stakeholders to make use of such comments for our efforts to fulfill our social responsibility.

Corporate Governance

Energy Support positions the strengthening of corporate governance as one of the most important assignments of management. Grounded in this idea, we deliberate, decide and report the matters stipulated by the Company Act and the important issues of management at our board meetings. We deliberate them also at our executive meetings and management meetings. Our management and operations are monitored by our board of directors and through our auditor system. Our auditors are present at those meetings as much as they can to audit our compliance and internal control. In carrying our internal audit and audit of directors, the auditors work together with our accounting auditors. Also, in order to discharge our corporate social responsibility, we have set up CSR Promotion Office to promote our compliance system.

Risk Management

In order to minimize risks related to various corporate activities, we are working on the upgrading of our risk management system.

For risks in business management, in addition to deliberation at our management meetings and executive meetings, we consider them comprehensively and elaborately in the course of decision-making on implementation to avoid and prevent risks. In case of acute emergency, such as earthquake, windstorm, flood and fire, our Disaster Prevention Countermeasure Headquarters and CSR Committee deal with the case.

For risks related to daily operations, we take part in the CSA (Control Self Assessment) questionnaires introduced by NGK Insulators, Ltd., our parent company, to prevent such risks based on the analysis of the questionnaires.

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