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Along with the development of information technology, there is a sharply increasing volume of information assets that we at Energy Support Group are handling in our corporate activities. Accordingly, the securement of information security is now one of the preconditions of corporate survival.

In view of this, we have established the Basic Policy for information Security (hereinafter referred to as “Basic Policy”), and decided to ensure the securement of information security with the top management as the superintendent and all our people united as follows:

  1. We do our best to prevent illegal access to our information assets, and loss, theft, leak, damage and obstruction to utilization of our information assets.
  2. We continue to provide education and training in information security to all our people in order for them to acknowledge the importance of information security and keep the corporate culture that can fulfill social responsibility. For all conducts against the Basic Policy, we apply our internal regulations, agreements and contracts as well as laws and ordinances to deal with them.
  3. If any information security problem occurs, we make an immediate investigation into the cause to minimize the damage, take an immediate corrective action, and try to prevent the recurrence of the same problem.
  4. We observe the laws and ordinances for information security, other social norms, and internal regulations for our information security. We also observe the contractual requirements and obligations related to external information security.
  5. We keep monitoring various activities related to information security, take appropriate corrective action, if necessary, and thereby try to ensure information security.

March 22, 2005
President, Energy Support Corporation

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