• A Pioneer in Power Infrastructures

Power Distribution Products

With our reliable technologies, we support stable power supply.

Electric Facility Material Products

With reliable technologies we have cultivated in the power industry, we support electric material field, as well.

Measuring Instrument Products

We support effective energy usage and environmental preservation.

Since our foundation in 1927, we have been continuously support large numbers of power infrastructures in the power distribution field not only in Japan but also in foreign countries to ensure the supply of electric power to our customers.

The power quality in Japan is one of the highest throughout the world. It is this very high power quality that has led large numbers of Japanese products to the present high quality.

For example, the Japanese power failure probability of 0.0026% (as of 2009) is of the world lowest-level.

We are proud to be a pioneer as a company supporting such high-level Japanese power system, and a reliable brand on a variety of products having the largest market share.

Overseas, our products are used in the U.S., Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, China, Africa and Oceania. Our products are supporting power infrastructures throughout the world.

Please do try the quality of our products.

We provide our support using all of our strength.

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