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For ensuring the stable supply of power, we contribute with our know-how and sincerity to the prevention of accidents affecting distribution lines.

Energy Support puts efforts into the manufacturing of equipment and systems by making the best use of our know-how and rich experiences we have accumulated over 80 years.

With a lineup of safe, high-reliability, high-operability power receiving/distributing equipment, we keep an eye on power supply to be smooth and stable in order to contribute to the prevention of accidents affecting distribution lines.

Supply route from a power station to a consumer


  • Storage Over current Ground (SOG) At a responsibility demarcation point with an electric power company, this product, as a section switch, prevents accidents caused consumer from affecting other consumers.

Cutout / LBS

  • Load Break Switches (LBS) This product is used as a switch for PF-S type main cut-off device for cubicle type high-voltage power receiving equipment or as a protective device for transformers or condensive capacitors.
  • Primary Cutout (PC) This product is used as a primary-side switch or as an overload protective device for high-voltage power lines or transformers.

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